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TitleMarine sensors: recent advances and challenges
Author(s)Gonçalves, L. M.
Martins, Marcos Silva
Lima, Rui Alberto Madeira Macedo
Minas, Graça
Issue date15-Feb-2023
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
CitationGonçalves, L.; Martins, M.S.; Lima, R.A.; Minas, G. Marine Sensors: Recent Advances and Challenges. Sensors 2023, 23, 2203.
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] The ocean has a huge impact on our way of life; therefore, there is a need to monitor and protect its biodiversity. Additionally, the ocean industrial potential for health, minerals, and oil has promoted the need for constant and real-time monitoring. Due to all of these concerns, it is important to develop efficient and smart marine sensors to improve our knowledge of the sea environment and to support marine sustainable development. [...]
TypeJournal editorial
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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