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TitleState rescaling and a ‘Europe of the Regions’ in small unitary states: a damp squib?
Author(s)Loughlin, John
Antunes, Sandrina
KeywordsEuropean Union
Subnational mobilization
State rescaling
Small unitary states
Issue date2020
JournalRegional and Federal Studies
CitationLoughlin, J., & Antunes, S. (2019, March 28). State rescaling and a ‘Europe of the Regions’ in small unitary states: A damp squib?. Regional & Federal Studies. Informa UK Limited.
Abstract(s)This conclusion ties together the various contributions to the Special Issue from the perspective of the introductory framework. Based on this framework, the conclusion shows that: (i) domestic mediating factors are responsible for nuanced state rescaling outcomes in small unitary states, (ii) the EU has led to decentralization and recentralization in both phases of the EU decision-making process and (iii) the level of authority is the best predictor of SNAs’ empowerment, although this is intertwined with secondary mediating domestic factors. This concluding article sheds new light on the hybrid nature of the European polity and demonstrates that states remain the most important pieces of the European ‘puzzle’. The Special Issue arrives at two conclusions: first, we are witnessing a ‘transformation of the state’ rather than its demise, and second, the notion of a ‘Europe of the Regions’ in small unitary states is nothing more than a ‘damp squib’.
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