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TitleAssessing the sustainability of retail buildings: the Portuguese method LiderA
Author(s)Ferreira, Ana
Pinheiro, Manuel
Brito, Jorge de
Mateus, Ricardo
Retail buildings
Bbuilding sustainability assessment (BSA) methods
Sustainable management
building sustainability assessment (BSA) methods
Issue date23-Nov-2022
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
JournalSustainability (MDPI)
CitationFerreira, A.; Pinheiro, M.; Brito, J.d.; Mateus, R. Assessing the Sustainability of Retail Buildings: The Portuguese Method LiderA. Sustainability 2022, 14, 15577.
Abstract(s)Retail stores are among the building typologies with the highest consumption of natural resources. However, studies regarding the development of Building Sustainability Assessment methods for retail buildings are missing, despite their environmental, economic, and social importance. This study intends to address this gap in knowledge by (i) developing the Portuguese method LiderA for retail buildings, (ii) comparing LiderA to other BSA methods, and (iii) assessing results in two case studies. The development of LiderA for retail buildings took under consideration the indicators, weights, and specific guidelines of different BSA methods for retail buildings (namely LEED, BREEAM, and DGNB) and trends in the retail sector expressed in retailers’ sustainability reports and retailers’ associations. The most innovative aspects of the development of LiderA for retail buildings include the definition of benchmarks to assess sustainability performance in terms of Energy Intensity (EI), Carbon Intensity (CI), and Water Intensity (WI). Additionally, sustainable business operation practices were introduced in selected indicators as an alternative way to foster the roots of sustainability further down into the value chain, namely regarding ethical and sustainable product purchases, the protection of human rights, a code of conduct for suppliers, fair trade, product traceability, healthy food, sustainable agriculture, and local and organic products. The LiderA method, developed for retail buildings, can support designers, managers, and users in designing and managing more sustainable stores by providing benchmarks and best-practice thresholds for EI, CI, and WI. Given that global retailers operate hundreds of stores, the results show a key potential to increase the environmental performance of retail stores, supporting decision-making towards maximum energy efficiency and carbon neutrality.
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