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TitleAfter “The Iron Throne”: what two YouTube fan-channels discussed following the end of Game of Thrones
Author(s)Moura, Pedro
Mourão, Marisa
Barbosa, Marta Isabel Eusébio
KeywordsContent analysis
Convergence culture
Transmedia storytelling
Issue date15-Sep-2022
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalQualitative Research Reports in Communication
CitationMoura, P., Mourão, M., & Barbosa, M. E. (2022). After “The Iron Throne”: What two YouTube fan-channels discussed following the end of Game of Thrones. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 1-12. Publicação eletrónica antecipada.
Abstract(s)This article presents an exploratory study on what themes were discussed in all Game-of-Thrones’ transmedia-world-related videos uploaded by two YouTube fan-channels (Talking Thrones and GrayArea), over a period of one year after the premiere of the final episode of this HBO series. Qualitative content analysis mapped 79 different themes within a sample of 57 videos. The most pervasive themes are related to the YouTubers’ expression of their personae as fans, but also as content creators. Specific traits (story, plots, characters, storytelling) of Game of Thrones,the books on which it is based, and their transmedia relation are also regular themes. A netnographic analysis of the most viewed video and of the YouTuber’s comments and upvotes in its comment section pointed toward similar outcomes: the YouTuber was beyond the status of a fan expressing his preferences, he was also a content creator referencing his own work and being praised by his audience.
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