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TitleComputational thinking training using PICTOBLOX
Other titlesExploratory study with students of primary degree
Author(s)Cruz, Sara Maria Alves
Bento, Marco
Lencastre, José Alberto
KeywordsComputational Thinking
Problem Solution
Artificial Intelligence
Issue dateDec-2021
PublisherInternational Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS)
CitationCruz, S., Bento, M., & Lencastre, J. A. (2021). Computational Thinking Training using PICTOBLOX. In P. Kommers et al. (ed.), Proceedings of International Conferences Internet Technologies & Society 2021, (pp. 53-60). IADIS.
Abstract(s)PictoBlox is a graphical programming software based on Scratch, where interactive games, animations, or program robots and projects can be made. This paper presents an exploratory study on artificial intelligence context using PictoBlox to support the development of computational thinking and the ability to solve problems in primary degree students. The study involved twenty primary school students from a private school in northern Portugal on a didactic proposal that explores problem-solving using PictoBlox. The study was a qualitative and quantitative investigation which aimed to understand how artificial intelligence with PictoBlox can promote students' engagement in solving real situation problems using concepts and ideas from computer science. Findings suggest that students are receptive to exploring artificial intelligence with PictoBlox, get involved in solving problems using concepts and ideas from computer science, admit advantages using PictoBlox to express solutions to those problems. Furthermore, the initiative positively impacted participants' computational thinking skills, which was significant for those learners who initially showed less familiarity with this topic. Moreover, it was an enriching activity for the students that led them to solve problems in a fun way. A didactic proposal that promotes problem-solving using concepts and ideas from computer science and computational thinking in primary degree students based on graphical programming software.
TypeConference paper
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AccessOpen access
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