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TítuloAlkali – activated binders: a review part 1. Historical background, terminology, reaction mechanisms and hydration products
Autor(es)Torgal, Fernando Pacheco
Gomes, J. P. Castro
Jalali, Said
Reaction mechanisms
Hydration products
RevistaConstruction and Building Materials
Citação"Construction and Building Materials". ISSN 0950-0618 (2008) 1305-1314.
Resumo(s)The disintegration of concrete structures made of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is a worrying topic of increasing significance. The development of new binders with longer durability is therefore needed. Alkali-activated binders have emerged as an alternative to OPC binders, which seems to have superior durability and environmental impact. This paper reviews current knowledge about alkali-activated binders. The subjects of Part 1 in this paper are historical background, terminology and hydration products. The proper terminology to designate these new binders will be discussed. The influence of the prime materials and the type of alkaline activator on the reaction mechanisms and on the nature of the reaction products will be described.
Arbitragem científicayes
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