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TitleElectrochemical and thermal properties of polymer electrolytes based on poly(epichlorohydrin-co-ethylene oxide co-allyl glycidyl ether)
Author(s)Rodrigues, L. C.
Barbosa, P. C.
Silva, Maria Manuela
Smith, Michael John
KeywordsSolid polymer electrolyte
Tri-block polymer
Poly(epichlorohydrin-co-ethylene oxide-co-allyl glycidyl ether)
solid polymer electrolytes
Issue date2007
JournalElectrochimica Acta
Citation"Electrochimica Acta". ISSN 0013-4686. 53:4 (2007) 1427-1431.
Abstract(s)A series of novel electrolytes based on the terpolymer host, poly(epichlorohydrin-co-ethylene oxide-co-allyl glycidyl ether) with lithium perchlorate and lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide have been prepared and characterized by conductivity measurements, cyclic voltammetry at a gold microelectrode and thermal analysis. Electrolyte compositions, represented as p(EEO-AGE)LiX(wt%), were produced with lithium salt compositions between 0.1 and 12 wt% (where wt% indicates amount of lithium salt present in the epichlorohydrin-co-ethylene oxide-co-allyl glycidyl host matrix). The guest salt and host polymer were dissolved in tetrahydrofuran and cast to produce thin, free-standing electrolyte films. The p(EEO-AGE)nLiX(wt%) (X=ClO4 and TFSI) electrolytes showed encouraging levels of ionic conductivity and acceptable thermal stability. Electrolytes based on this host polymer were obtained as completely amorphous films with good mechanical properties.
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