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TitleStarting the game: an introduction to gamification
Author(s)Lencastre, José Alberto
Bento, Marco
İlin, Gülden
Milios, Panos
Issue dateJun-2021
PublisherÖzKaracan Printers and Binders
CitationLencastre, J. A., Bento, M., İlin, G., & Milios, P. (2021). Starting the Game: an introduction to Gamification. In José Alberto Lencastre et al. Gaming in Action, (pp. 5-14). Istanbul: ÖzKaracan.
Abstract(s)Gamification is an intricate word, and game developers and researchers are concerned that this trivializes practical game design complexities. The difficulty is that there is no universally accepted definition of gamification; on the contrary, there are several definitions for the concept. Even after being called "the new trend concept" (King, 2019), the use of the term ‘gamification’ is often confusing and misinterpreted. It is easily confused with concepts like game-based learning, gaming, serious games and game theory.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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