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TitleCost estimation of rail power conditioner topologies based on indirect modular multilevel converter in v/v and scott power transformers
Author(s)Tanta, Mohamed
Pinto, Gabriel
Monteiro, Vítor Duarte Fernandes
Martins, António Pina
Carvalho, Adriano Silva
Afonso, João L.
KeywordsRail Power Conditioner
Modular Multilevel Converter
V/V Transformer
Scott Transformer
Cost Estimation
Issue date17-May-2019
PublisherUniversidade do Minho
JournalICEE International Conference on Energy & Environment
CitationM. Tanta, G. Pinto, V. Monteiro, A. P. Martins, A. S. Carvalho, and Joao. L. Afonso, “Cost Estimation of Rail Power Conditioner Topologies based on Indirect Modular Multilevel Converter in V/V and Scott Power Transformers,” presented at the 4thInternational Conferenceon Energy and Environment: bringing together Engineering and Economics, Guimarães, Portugal, 2019, pp.365–370
Abstract(s)This paper presents a cost estimation study for several rail power conditioner (RPC) topologies based on an indirect modular multilevel converter (MMC), in which these topologies are combined with V/V or Scott power transformers. The RPC topologies under interest in this paper are: the RPC based on a full-bridge MMC (RPC based on MMC4), the RPC based on two-phase three-wire MMC (RPC based on MMC3), and the RPC based on a half-bridge MMC (RPC based on MMC2). These RPC systems operate at medium voltage levels in the interconnection to 25 kV-50 Hz catenary sections to solve power quality problems, such as the current harmonics and the negative sequence components (NSCs) of currents. Along the paper are described the V/V and the Scott power transformers, the RPC main architectures, and the estimated cost of implementation for each RPC topology considering V/V or Scott implementations. As main contribution, the presented results could help in the selection procedure of the RPC topology, giving the best economical solution according to the used power transformer (V/V or Scott).
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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