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TitleTechnologies, infrastructures and migrations: material citizenship politics
Author(s)Nunes, Nina Amelung
Gianolla, Cristiano
Solovova, Olga
Sousa Ribeiro, Joana
KeywordsScience and Technology Studies
Sociomaterial and epistemic practices
Material politics of citizenship
Acts of citizenship
Autonomy of migration technologies
Issue date2-Jul-2020
PublisherTaylor and Francis
JournalCitizenship Studies
CitationAmelung, N., Gianolla, C., Solovova O. & Sousa Ribeiro, J. (2020). Technologies, infrastructures and migrations: material citizenship politics. Citizenship studies, 1-20.
Abstract(s)This article aims to explore the multiple uses and consequences of different technologies and infrastructures in the context of migrations and how such uses and consequences inhabit and transform migrants’ rights and subjectivities. It reviews relevant literature at the intersection of citizenship, critical migration studies and science and technology studies (STS), focusing in particular on the current debates underway within critical citizenship studies that examine how technologies and infrastructures shape the ability to acts of citizenship. By mobilizing insights from STS, we focus on how these political subjectivities are shaped by certain sociomaterial and epistemic practices. By introducing the notion of material citizenship politics, the article outlines a way to differentiate three different constitutive forms between technologies, infrastructures and citizenship in migrations. Technologies and infrastructures can (1) constrain acts of citizenship in migration and border regimes; (2) constitute contestation and participation over citizenship; or (3) enable and shape alternative acts of citizenship in migration and border regimes. As it provides a theoretical background to the special issue, the article also serves as the introduction to the issue.
TypeJournal editorial
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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