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TitleFormation of unique nanocrystalline Cu-In-Se bulk pn homojunctions for opto-electronic devices
Author(s)Menezes, Shalini
Samantilleke, A. P.
Issue date27-Jul-2018
PublisherNature Research
JournalScientific Reports
Abstract(s)Semiconductor pn junctions, integrated in optoelectronic devices require high quality crystals, made by expensive, technically difficult processes. Bulk heterojunction (BHJ) structures offer practical alternatives to circumvent the cost, flexibility and scale-up challenges of crystalline planar pn junctions. Fabrication methods for the current organic or inorganic BHJ structures invariably create interface mismatch and low doping issues. To overcome such issues, we devised an innovative approach, founded on novel inorganic material system that ensued from single-step electrodeposited copper-indium-selenide compounds. Surface analytical microscopies and spectroscopies reveal unusual phenomena, electro-optical properties and quantum effects. They support the formation of highly-ordered, sharp, abrupt 3-dimensional nanoscale pn BHJs that facilitate efficient charge carrier separation and transport, and essentially perform the same functions as crystalline planar pn junctions. This approach offers a low-cost processing platform to create nanocrystalline films, with the attributes necessary for efficient BHJ operation. It allows roll-to-roll processing of flexible devices in simple thin-film form factor.
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