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dc.contributor.authorRodrigues, Vitor-
dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, Amâncio-
dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, Graça Simões de-
dc.identifier.citationINTERNATIONAL NURSING RESEARCH CONFERENCE, York, 2006 – “International Nursing Research Conference”. [S.l. : Royal College of Nursings, 2006].eng
dc.description.abstractIt is intended with this study to know and to characterize the habits of health of children and juvenile population (6-18 years) of the Douro region, relating to tobacco consumption, alcoholic drinking, illicit drugs and sexual behaviour. This is a descriptive and transversal study. The data was collected by a questionnaire self-conducted on line, drew to the effect and the anonymity guaranteed. To data treatment we turned to a statistical package (SPSS). The sample was constituted by students of a school of basic teaching - School A, and for students of a professional school - School B, both placed in rural zone and in the area of the Douro. School A: School A: sex = 55.0%(22) feminine; 45.0%(18) masculine; average of ages: 11.50 ± 1.34 years; School B: sex = 56.4%(31) feminine; 43.6%(24) masculine; average of ages:17.76 ± 1.83 years. RESULTS: In School A: - 15% of the and 5,0% of the already consumed alcoholic drinks; - the medium age of initiation was 10.5 ± 1.60 years; - in the last 30 days they consumed once a month, being wine the consumed drink; - 10,0% of the already consumed tobacco; - the medium age of initiation was 13 ± 1.15 years; - in the last 30 days they smoked once a month; - they never consumed illicit drugs and they never had sexual relationships. In School B: 43,6% of the and 54,5% of the already consumed alcoholic drinks; - the medium age of initiation was 14.54 ± 1.41 years; - in the last 30 days 38.9% consumed once a month, 22.2% once a weekend, 14.8% twice a month and 11.1% twice a week, and the most consumed drink was beer (67.3%), followed by white drinks (25.0%) and wine (7.7%); - 77,8% of the youths were already drunk; 30,9% of the and 40,0% of the already consumed tobacco; - - the medium age of initiation was 14.54 ± 1.60 years; - in the last 30 days, 25.7% smoked everyday, 10.3% at the weekend, and 7.7% twice a month; - 14,5% of the and 12,7% of the already consumed illicit drugs; - the medium age of initiation was 15.47 ± 1.68 years; - in the last 30 days, 42.9% consumed once a month, 14.3% twice a month and 7.1% at the weekend, being cannabis the consumed substance; 27,3% of the and 21,8% of the already had sexual relationships; 33.2% of the youth didn't use measures of protection in the sexual relationships. CONCLUSIONS This study is the necessary starting point, so that a community intervention in terms of promotion/education for health can have success, and in order that the students can increase their literacy for health.eng
dc.description.sponsorshipLIBEC/CIFPEC - Unidade de Investigação (16/644) da FCTeng
dc.publisherRoyal College of Nursing (RCN)eng
dc.subjectHealth riskseng
dc.subjectSecondary schooleng
dc.subjectRiscos em saúdeeng
dc.subjectEnsino básico e secundárioeng
dc.titleRisk situations for health in children’s and young people of Douro Region (Portugal) : a comparative study about addictive behaviours and sexual behavioureng
oaire.citationConferenceDate21 - 24 March 2006eng
sdum.event.locationYork, Englandeng
sdum.event.titleThe 2006 International Nursing Research Conferenceeng
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