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TitleIntroduction. Special Topic: Philosophical Challenges of the Anthropocene, with D. Moellendorf
Author(s)Sylla, Bernhard
Mendes, João
Issue date2020
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Centro de Ética, Política e Sociedade (CEPS)
JournalEthics, Politics & Society
CitationMendes, João R. & Sylla, Bernhard (2020). Introduction. Special Topic: Philosophical Challenges of the Anthropocene, with D. Moellendorf. Ethics, Politics & Society, 3: 1-2 [ahead of print]
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] The word “Anthropocene” appeared for the first time in printed form in 2000. It was introduced by the Dutch chemist Paul Crutzen and the U.S. limnologist Eugene Stoermer in a two-page paper jointly published in the issue number 41 of the IGBP Newsletter. They coined the neologism to express the idea shared by both that we have already entered a new unprecedented age in which our species has become a major geological agent. Since then, a veritable explosion in the number of publications dedicated to the concept has occurred. Taking in consideration only the data provided by Web of Science, until 2010 around 100 books and papers were published about the Anthropocene, in 2015 that number increased eightfold, and in the last three years again this number has doubled, making a total that goes beyond 2000 publications in less than two decades. Another thing to be noticed is the broadening of the discussion of the concept from the Geosciences (aiming at its explanation, i.e., at finding out if there is enough reliable evidence available for its formal incorporation in the scientific discourse) to the Social Sciences (seeking its understanding, that is, the uncovering of the historical reasons that led to its emergence and what political, economic, social and cultural consequences derive from it) and to the Humanities (attempting at a critique of its theoretical and practical implications). This is giving rise to the formation of the multidisciplinary field of the Anthropocene studies. [...]
ISSN2184 2582
AccessOpen access
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