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dc.contributor.authorSika, Robertpor
dc.contributor.authorRogalewicz, Michałpor
dc.contributor.authorTrojanowska, Justynapor
dc.contributor.authorGmyrek, Łukaszpor
dc.contributor.authorRauchut, Przemysławpor
dc.contributor.authorKasprzyk, Tomaszpor
dc.contributor.authorVarela, M.L.R.por
dc.contributor.authorMachado, Josépor
dc.description.abstractThe paper presents a new approach for production capacities balancing. It is dedicated to companies performing machining services on a variety of materials on a small scale. The method is to help balance the production capacity on the basis of a defined labor intensity structure taking into account the share of set-up times and the level of defectiveness. The designed numerical algorithms along with the user interface make it possible to characterize machine tools and orders in the production system and compare the production capabilities of the system with the demand. The paper presents the algorithm working pattern, mathematical formulae used and a sample source code. An example of a computer application allowing to estimate the production capacity for sample orders (cast iron castings) and process routes in a selected cast iron production plant are also presented.por
dc.description.sponsorshipThe research work had the financial support of Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Republic of Poland, under the project 02/23/DSPB/7695.por
dc.subjectBalancing productionpor
dc.subjectCast iron castingpor
dc.subjectData acquisitionpor
dc.subjectProduction capacitypor
dc.subjectSingle unit productionpor
dc.titleAutomatic assist in estimating the production capacity of final machining for cast iron machine partspor
sdum.journalAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computingpor
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