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TitleA dry and fully dispersible bacterial cellulose formulation as a stabilizer for oil-in-water emulsions
Author(s)Martins, Daniela
Estevinho, B.
Rocha, F.
Dourado, Fernando
Gama, F. M.
KeywordsBacterial Cellulose
Oil-in-Water Emulsions
Interfacial Tension
Issue date15-Feb-2020
JournalCarbohydrate Polymers
CitationMartins, Daniela; Estevinho, B.; Rocha, F.; Dourado, Fernando; Gama, F. M., A dry and fully dispersible bacterial cellulose formulation as a stabilizer for oil-in-water emulsions. Carbohydrate Polymers, 230(115657), 2020
Abstract(s)Bacterial cellulose (BC) is an emerging alternative to plant cellulose in different applications. Several works demonstrated the potential of never-dried BC; however, envisioning real industrial applications, a dry product retaining its functional properties upon rehydration is preferable. A dry and completely redispersible formulation of BC with carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) was prepared by Spray-drying. The obtained material showed a Zeta Potential of (-67.0±3.9) mV, a Dv(50) of (601±19.7) µm and was able to decrease the oil/water interface energy. The dry BC:CMC formulation was employed as stabilizer in oil-in-water emulsions, in parallel with commercial plant celluloses and Xanthan gum. The emulsions were monitored over time by optical microscopy and characterized by rheological measurements. BC:CMC effectively stabilized emulsions against coalescence and creaming, at a concentration of 0.50 % - contrarily to other commercial dry celluloses due to the Pickering effect and to the structuring of the continuous phase, as seen with Cryo-SEM.
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