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TitleLarge-Scale Agile Frameworks – dealing with interdependences
Author(s)Mucambe, Beatriz
Tereso, Anabela Pereira
Faria, João Manuel Peixoto
Mateus, Tiago
Issue dateApr-2019
CitationBeatriz Mucambe, Anabela Tereso, João Faria, and Tiago Mateus (2019) Large-Scale Agile Frameworks: dealing with interdependences, 33rd IBIMA Conference, Granada, Spain, 10-11 April 2019. ISBN: 978-0-9998551-2-6.
Abstract(s)The market environment and customer requirements are changing at an increasing pace. It is crucial that organizations remain competitive by embracing new challenges. These changes require different and more agile leadership, mindset and collaboration, including more team empowerment. With the constant increment of projects and programs, organizations have to adopt new methods to respond to the demands of the business environment. Large-scale agile approaches are the way. In this research, a literature review about Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large-Scale Agile (LeSS) and Scrum of Scrums (SoS) was conducted, and an analysis of the collected material was made. The primary goal of this research was to understand why large-scale agile methods are used and how do they respond to the interdependences between teams. In this paper, we conclude that SAFe incorporates an enterprise focus similar to LeSS. LeSS is a framework which implicates extinction of roles, processes and artifacts, giving the product a relevant place. SoS is more like a scale-agile process which applied with other large-scale methods can reach its full potential. Having interdependences in mind, several events and processes described in the large-scale agile methods specified in this article are held in order to address these topics.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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