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TitleOpenAIRE Dashboard for Research Communities: Enabling Open Science publishing for Research Communities and Research Infrastructures
Author(s)Príncipe, Pedro
Bardi, Alessia
Vieira, André
Manghi, Paolo
Baglioni, Miriam
Retberg, Najla
Open Science
Research Community Dashboard
Research Communities
Research Infrastructures
Issue date19-Mar-2019
Abstract(s)The Open Science infrastructure for research in Europe delivers different kinds of dashboards that offers functionalities for viewing, accessing and managing the information graph from the perspectives of different actors: researchers, project coordinators, repository managers, funder officers and research managers. Among its dashboards services, the infrastructure offers the Research Community Dashboard, designed to allow scientists of any research community working on top of a research infrastructure, initiative or project (not only well established infrastructures, but also long-tail communities that do not have a dedicated RI) to keep on using their tools and services, based on their workflows and best practices, while transparently taking advantage of a common portal, offering Open Science-oriented publishing tools. The Research Community Dashboard facilitates Research Communities and Research Infrastructures adoption of Open Science publishing principles by supporting research products publishing tools as-a-Service. This Dashboard is a web application that provides researchers of a community the functionality to publish, aggregate, monitor and discover their research outputs in the infrastructure information graph, in order to maintain a fully-fledged view of a specific scholarly discipline.
DescriptionPoster presented at the "Open Science Conference 2019", Berlin, Germany, 19-20 March 2019.
AccessOpen access
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