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TitleSecond Screening as Convergence in Brazil and the United States
Author(s)McGregor, Shannon
Mourão, Rachel
Neto, Ivo Emanuel Campos Machado
Straubhaar, Joseph
Angeluci, Alan
KeywordsSecond Screening
United States
Second screen
Issue dateMar-2017
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
CitationMcGregor, S., Mourão, R., Neto, I., Straubhaar, J. & Angeluci, A. (2017). Second Screening as Convergence in Brazil and the United States. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 61(1), 163-181. doi: 10.1080/08838151.2016.1273924
Abstract(s)Second screening is widespread worldwide, particularly in younger populations. We analyze a survey of college students in Brazil and the United States to compare second screening frequency, types, platforms, and motivations between the two countries. Despite lower Internet penetration, Brazilians second screen significantly more than Americans, a result of the country’s tradition of interacting with producers of television. In both countries, those who use the interactive affordances of social media are more likely to second screen. As such, we posit this unique audience-driven act works to bridge Web-connected devices and television to create a converged atmosphere.
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