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TítuloMagnetotherapy: the quest for tendon regeneration
Autor(es)Pesqueira, Tamagno
Almeida, Raquel Carvalho Ferreira Costa
Gomes, Manuela E.
Palavras-chaveContact-free technology
Electromagnetic field
Magnetic biomaterials
Mechano-responsive tissue
RevistaJournal of Cellular Physiology
CitaçãoPesqueira T., Costa-Almeida R., Gomes M. E. Magnetotherapy: The quest for tendon regeneration, Journal of Cellular Physiology, Vol. 233, Issue 10, pp. 6395-6405, doi:10.1002/jcp.26637, 2018
Resumo(s)Tendons are mechanosensitive tissues that connect and transmit the forces generated by muscles to bones by allowing the conversion of mechanical input into biochemical signals. These physical forces perform the fundamental work of preserving tendon homeostasis assuring body movements. However, overloading causes tissue injuries, which leads us to the field of tendon regeneration. Recently published reviews have broadly shown the use of biomaterials and different strategies to attain tendon regeneration. In this review, our focus is the use of magnetic fields as an alternative therapy, which has demonstrated clinical relevance in tendon medicine because of their ability to modulate cell fate. Yet the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms still need to be elucidated. While providing a brief outlook about specific signalling pathways and intracellular messengers as framework in play by tendon cells, application of magnetic fields as a subcategory of physical forces is explored, opening up a compelling avenue to enhance tendon regeneration. We outline here useful insights on the effects of magnetic fields both at in vitro and in vivo levels, particularly on the expression of tendon genes and inflammatory cytokines, ultimately involved in tendon regeneration. Subsequently, the potential of using magnetically responsive biomaterials in tendon tissue engineering is highlighted and future directions in magnetotherapy are discussed.
Versão da editorahttps://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/jcp.26637
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