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TitleRepresentations of European colonialism, African resistance and liberation struggles in Mozambican history curricula and textbooks
Author(s)Cabecinhas, Rosa
Macedo, Isabel Moreira
Jamal, Cassimo
Sá, Alberto
KeywordsHistory Textbooks
national identity
Liberation script
Manuais de História
Identidade Nacional
Lutas de Libertação
Issue date2018
PublisherInformation Age Publishing (AIP)
CitationCabecinhas, R., Macedo, I., Jamal, C. & Sá, A. (2018). Representations of European colonialism, African resistance and liberation struggles in Mozambican history curricula and textbooks. In K. van Nieuwenhuyse, & J. P. Valentim (Eds.), The colonial pasts in history textbooks. Historical and social psychological perspectives (pp. 217-237). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
Abstract(s)In this paper we examine the representations of European colonialism and the master narratives conveyed by Mozambican history textbooks, considering their role in the identity processes and nation building. Our research corpus material comprised the current History textbooks for secondary education (8th to 12th grades). Textbooks explain how European imperialism was characterized by the exploitation of natural and human resources, the slave trade, the partition of Africa among European empires, and the racist colonial rule, excluding native peoples from citizenship. The processes of social comparison assume a particular relevance in order to highlight a common struggler against colonialism by Africa and Asia peoples and to foster ingroup positive distinctiveness. Denouncing the undermining effects of racist preconceptions in Eurocentric historiography, textbooks address the urgency of the decolonization of African History.
TypeBook part
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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