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TitlePrototype for determination of pre-transfusion tests based on image processing techniques
Author(s)Ferraz, Ana
Machado, José
Carvalho, Vitor
blood type
pre-transfusion tests
image processing
Issue date2015
Abstract(s)This paper presents an innovative prototype to perform pre-transfusion tests especially developed for emergency situations. This prototype is portable and automates the procedure of the plate test. The prototype is based on image processing techniques to analyze the captured images from the performed test. The image processing techniques are able to detect agglutination reactions in the samples and based on the results of occurrence or absence of agglutination the result of the test is given. This paper also presents a user-friendly interface application to be used with the prototype developed. In this study the tests were performed with the prototype for ABO and Rh blood types and the prototype was tested with donor blood samples.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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