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TitleAn exploratory study on the influencers of the perceived relevance of CIO’s activities and skills: an update
Author(s)Varajão, João
Trigo, António
Soto-Acosta, Pedro
Issue date2017
PublisherIGI Global
JournalAdvances in Business Information Systems and Analytics (ABISA)
Abstract(s)This paper presents the results of an exploratory study developed to identify the current CIO’s main activities, to verify whether CIO’s demographics and CIO’s business context influence the perception of the importance of CIO activities and to identify CIO’s main skills. The results show that managing projects, interacting with top management teams, optimizing business processes and making strategic decisions are main CIO’s activities; and that the importance recognized to these activities is influenced by characteristics such as the CIO’s age or the hierarchical structure of the organization. Regarding CIO’s skills, understanding business processes and operations, and strategic thinking and planning, are the ones CIOs identified as being the most important.
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