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TitleAnd now for something completely different: the Wildlife Biology in Practice: The quest for a new wildlife journal in open-access format
Author(s)Vingada, José V.
Fonseca, Carlos
Issue date2005
PublisherSociedade Portuguesa de Vida Selvagem
JournalWildlife Biology in Practice
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] This is the first issue of a new Journal on the field of Wildlife Research. Your first reaction to this first issue of Wildlife Biology in Practicewill probably be a mixture of despondency and surprise. In fact, you might think of Wildlife Biology in Practice as yet another journal covering the area of Wildlife, although Journals entirely dedicated to Wildlife outside the American Continent are not particularly abundant. However, the innovation stands on the fact that you will be looking at the first Wildlife Journal published in “open-access” format. Furthermore, this Journal aims at increasing the number of submitted papers related with Wildlife in Europe (without prejudice to the other parts of the World), allowing at the same time, all Wildlife researchers to fully and freely access the journal. [...]
TypeJournal editorial
Publisher versionThe original publication is available at
AccessOpen access
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