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TitleA smart wearable system for sudden infant death syndrome monitoring
Author(s)Ferreira, André G.
Fernandes, Duarte Manuel Azevedo
Branco, Sérgio
Monteiro, João L.
Cabral, Jorge
Catarino, André P.
Rocha, A. M.
Internet of things
Smart textiles
Smart wearable system
Sudden infant death syndrome
Issue date2016
Abstract(s)Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one of the major causes of death among infants during their sleep. To increase the safety of the infants, we matched different emergent research fields for the development of Baby Night Watch. This Smart Wearable System (SWS), developed under the context of the European Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC) 2015, is composed by the following elements: a Wearable IoT Device, a Gateway and the H Medical Interface. The Wearable IoT Device is a wireless sensor node integrated in a Chest Belt, and it has the capacity to monitor the following parameters: body temperature, heart and breathing rates and body position. After a minimal data processing, this set of information is sent to the Gateway, via ZigBee technology, and it is accessible to the user through the H Medical Interface. If a critical event occurs, the device will trigger an alarm, visible and audible in the proximity, and sends a distress message to a mobile application. The Baby Night Watch is an important tool for medical studies, since it allows the visualization of previous physiological data and export it to different types of datasets. Experimental tests have proven that the SWS has the potential to identify situations that could be potentially life-threatening for an infant.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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