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TitleCompetence-oriented course design and monitoring: The approach of Erasmus Plus project “better e-learning for all”
Author(s)Waal, Paula de
Poletti, Giorgio
Beecroft, Robin
Lencastre, José Alberto
İlın, Şükrü Çetin
İlin, Gülden
Türel, Yalın Kılıç
Turhan, Muhammed
Turan, Mehmet
Learning Design
Issue date2017
PublisherAssociazione Italiana Utenti Moodle (AIUM)
Citationde Waal, P., Poletti, G., Beecroft. R., Lencastre, J. A., İlın, Ş. Ç., İlin, G., Türel, Y. K., Turhan, M., & Turan, M. (2017). Competence-oriented course design and monitoring: the approach of Erasmus plus project “Better e-Learning for All”. In Giuseppe Fiorentino (Editor), Atti del MoodleMoot Italia 2017. Roma: AIUM.
Abstract(s)Erasmus Plus Project Better e-Learning for All aims at contributing to the reduction of the gap between the potential value of E-learning and the quality of design of online courses. Departing from research findings in dropout, motivation and retention factors, a conceptual approach to course design was developed and applied to the Better-e MOODLE environment. Better-e platform is designed to support teachers and trainers to overcome uncertainties about pedagogical choices, providing a Competence- oriented decision support environment and a selection of platform features customized to provide easiness of use, to support self-regulation, and to reduce the risks of incurring in common errors of course design that could have a negative impact on retention.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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