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TitleScheduling Single-Machine Problem Oriented by Just-In-Time Principles - A Case Study
Author(s)Dantas, Joana D.
Varela, Maria Leonilde Rocha
Madureira, Ana Maria
KeywordsSingle-Machine Scheduling Problem
Perfomance Measures
Comparative Analysis
Issue date2015
JournalIberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI
Abstract(s)Developments in advanced autonomous production resources have increased the interest in the Single-Machine Scheduling Problem (SMSP). Until now, researchers used SMSP with little to no practical application in industry, but with the introduction of multi-purpose machines, able of executing an entire task, such as 3D Printers, replacing extensive production chains, single-machine problems are becoming a central point of interest in real-world scheduling. In this paper we study how simple, easy to implement, Just-in-Time (JIT) based, constructive heuristics, can be used to optimize customer and enterprise oriented performance measures. Customer oriented performance measures are mainly related to the accomplishment of due dates while enterprise-oriented ones typically consider other time-oriented measures.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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