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TitleBetween traditional and social media: news repertoires in Portugal
Author(s)Silva, Marisa Torres
Brites, Maria José
Figueiras, Rita
Santos, Sílvio Correia
Amaral, Inês
Marôpo, Lídia
Jerónimo, Pedro
Espírito Santo, Paula
Pacheco, Liliana
KeywordsNews repertoires
Q methodology
News consumption
Issue date2017
JournalParticipations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies
Abstract(s)In the study reported in this article, the diverse news media repertoires in Portugal are investigated using a Q-methodological approach. We analyse the participants’ perceptions of the experienced values of the cross-media news landscape (Schrøder, 2012) and identify seven news media repertoires: quality media lovers (R1); broadcast media consumers (R2); television news addicts, press consumers and social media avoiders (R3); news snackers (R4); online based-media and social media addicts (R5); online newspaper lovers and radio news avoiders (R6); and television, press and social/online-based media consumers (R7). A preference for traditional media, especially television, and increasing use of social media, constitute the salient features of the Portuguese national news repertoires.
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AccessOpen access
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