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TítuloSelected papers on Hands-on Science II
Autor(es)Costa, Manuel F. M.
Vázquez Dorrío, José Benito
Michaelides, Panagiotios
Palavras-chaveSelected papers
Hands-on Science
EditoraHands-on Science Network (HSCI)
CitaçãoAuthor (s). Title of Paper. Selected Papers on Hands-on Science II. Costa MF, Dorrío BV, and Michaelides P (Eds.); Associação Hands-on Science Network, Portugal. Page numbers, 2017.
Resumo(s)This second volume of the "Selected Papers on Hands-on Science" the Hands-on Science Network is publishing, reunites some of the most relevant works presented at the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions of the annual International Conference on Hands-on Science. From pre-school science education to lifelong science learning and teacher training, in formal non-formal and informal contexts, the large diversified range of works that conforms this book surely renders it an important tool to schools and educators and all involved in science education and on the promotion of scientific literacy.
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