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TitleUkraine, Russia and the strategic partnership dynamics in the EU's eastern neighbourhood: recalibrating the EU's 'self', 'we' and 'other'
Author(s)Vieira, Alena
Issue date1-Mar-2016
JournalCambridge Review of International Affairs
Abstract(s)The present contribution explores the changing relationship between the European Union (EU) and the two largest countries in its eastern neighbourhood, namely Ukraine and Russia, between 1991 and 2014. Taking the differential between the existence of the EU Strategic Partnership (SP) with Russia and the absence of such an arrangement in the relationship with Ukraine as a point of departure, it investigates how the EU has dealt with different aspirations and challenges stemming from its two largest eastern neighbours. Adopting the Social Identity Theory perspective, the contribution analyses the interrelationship between the evolution of the EU's SP approach towards the eastern neighbours and the development of (particular dimensions of) the EU's identity. It demonstrates how the process of categorization relating to the ideational 'self', 'we' and 'other' took place; and how only the EU's relationship with Russia and not that with Ukraine has accumulated the discursive markers of a strategic partnership. The contribution, furthermore, analyses the challenges to the EU changing approach stemming from the 2013-2014 Ukraine crisis.
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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