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TitleConservation of stony materials in the built environment
Author(s)Alves, C.
Sanjurjo-Sánchez, J.
KeywordsStony materials
Alteration processes
Intervention strategy
Materials treatment and replacement
Issue date2015
JournalEnvironmental Chemistry Letters
Abstract(s)Materials in the built environment are exposed to several agents that promote alteration processes resulting in features that might be considered detrimental of its value. There are diverse possible intervention measures that might, however, have unwanted side effects. Here are reviewed the main issues related to the struggle against these alteration processes, from the consideration of the intervention criteria to strategic considerations on the organisation of the intervention that must include temporal and spatial features of alteration processes, as well as possible interventions on the surroundings of the materials and in the materials, including its replacement. The long-term effectiveness of these interventions is linked with the global strategy namely in relation to the conditions that promote alteration processes. Some sustainability questions related to the intervention operations are also considered such as the use of toxic substances and the consumption of resources.
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