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TitleMechanical properties of fly ash geopolymers incorporating wastes from ferrous foundry and stone cutting sludge
Author(s)Brito, José Júlio
Teixeira, Tiago Joaquim da Costa
Abreu, Miguel Augusto Freitas
Castro, Fernando
Pinho, A. C. Marques de
Fly ash
Compression resistance
Flexural resistance
Issue date2017
Abstract(s)The effect of adding several types of industrial wastes to fly ash based geopolymers has been studied. For that, flexural and compression strengths were evaluated at 7 and 28 days after curing. From the obtained results it seems that the incorporation of stone cutting sludge has some beneficial effect on the measured mechanical properties. However, the incorporation of ceramic wastes from ferrous foundry operations seems detrimental. These are preliminary results, further works being necessary to confirm these relationships.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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