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TitleAre familial resources associated to better outcomes among children living in contexts of poverty?
Author(s)Oliveira, Vítor Hugo Pereira
Martins, Paula Cristina
KeywordsChild poverty
Familial resources
Issue date2017
PublisherEditorial Geu
CitationOliveira, V.H., Martins, P.C. (2017). Are familial resources associated to better outcomes among children living in contexts of poverty? In A. Salvador & J. Hernández (Eds.), Reconstruyendo un Mundo com Ojos de Niñas: Entre la Pobreza y la Educación, Espanha: Editorial GEU.
Abstract(s)Research about poverty highlights its harmful effects on child well-being, associated to the lack of resources of support and stimulation as well as exposure to physical and psychosocial risk. However, the possible cumulative effects of exposure to ecological resources that are concomitant with risk must be examined. An exploratory and correlational methodology was applied, in order to analyse the associations between familial resources at three levels (adult caregiver, household, and neighbourhood) and child well-being. The sample consisted of 125 children (8-16 years old) at risk of poverty, whose families were receiving support from social services in northern Portugal. Results indicated that household and adult caregiver´s resources are associated to better outcomes in child well-being, while neighbourhood resources are associated to a better quality of life. This data supports the hypothesis of positive cumulative effects of ecological resources on child well-being and the importance of familial resources in psychosocial intervention.
TypeConference paper
Description"Congreso Internacional e Interuniversitario contra la Pobreza Infantil en el Mundo, 2015-2016"
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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