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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2018The new market abuse directive in the portuguese legal orderWhyte, JoanaArticleOpen access
Jan-2018The Single Supervisory Mechanism in the context of a European Banking Union under construction: bridging the Euro debt crisis with defences designed for the futureCarmo, Rui doArticleOpen access
Jan-2018Editorial [to UNIO - EU Law Jounal. Vol. 4, No. 1, Jul. 2018]Silveira, Alessandra; Canotilho, Mariana Rodrigues; Froufe, Pedro MadeiraArticleOpen access
Jan-201740/30 - 40 years of Constitution, 30 years of european integration: between past and present, openness and belongingCanotilho, MarianaArticleOpen access
Jun-2016"And [they] built a crooked h[arbour]" - the Schrems ruling and what it means for the future of data transfers between the EU and USMarques, João Filipe MonteiroArticleOpen access
Jul-2014The possibility of registration of the colour per seCarvalho, Maria MiguelArticleOpen access
Jul-2015The early days of the Euro debt crisis revisited: historical, legal and institutional overview of the role of the ECB in the context of an economic and monetary union in mutationCarmo, Rui doArticleOpen access
Jul-2014EditorialSilveira, AlessandraJournal editorialOpen access
Jul-2017Editorial [to UNIO - EU Law Jounal. Vol. 3, No. 2, Jul. 2017]Silveira, Alessandra; Froufe, Pedro Madeira; Canotilho, MarianaArticleOpen access
Jan-2017A boa administração nas ‘calhas de roda’ dos discursos jurídico-constitucionais português e da União – ‘Gira, a entreter a razão’…?Perez, SophieArticleOpen access