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TitleGenetically engineered silk-based composite biomaterials functionalized with fibronectin type-II that promote cell adhesion
Author(s)Pereira, Ana Margarida Macedo Bernardes
Machado, Raul
Costa, André Manuel Abreu
Ribeiro, Artur J.
Collins, Tony
Gomes, Andreia Castro
Leonor, I. B.
Kaplan, D.L.
Reis, R. L.
Casal, Margarida
Issue date2016
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Recombinant protein-based polymers (rPBPs) are an emerging class of biopolymers inspired by Nature and produced by synthetic protein biotechnology approaches. Due to their exceptional physical-chemical and biological characteristics, as well as their ability to be customized for specific applications, rPBPs have been explored for the development of advanced biomaterials [1]. Within rPBPs, silk-like polymers (SLP) are being utilized in a range of studies in materials science [2]. [...]
AccessOpen access
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