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TitleAntibacterial protein-based fibres: combining recombinant DNA technology with electrospinning
Author(s)Costa, André Manuel Abreu
Sencadas, Vítor João Gomes Silva
Lanceros-Méndez, S.
Gomes, Andreia Castro
Rodríguez-Cabello, J.C.
Casal, Margarida
Machado, Raul
Issue date2017
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] With the increasing healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic-resistant microorganisms there is a demand not only for new antimicrobial compounds but also for antimicrobial materials. Genetically engineered protein polymers functionalized with bioactive domains offer potential as multifunctional versatile materials for biomedical use. The present work describes the fabrication and characterization of antimicrobial fibre mats comprising the antimicrobial elastin-like recombinamer CM4-A200 [1]. [...]
AccessOpen access
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