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TitleElectrospun silk-elastin fibres functionalized with silver nanoparticles as antibacterial wound dressings
Author(s)Costa, André Manuel Abreu
Silva, Andreia Maria
Pereira, Ana Margarida Macedo Bernardes
Gomes, Andreia Castro
Sencadas, Vítor João Gomes Silva
Casal, Margarida
Machado, Raul
Issue dateApr-2017
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Silk-elastin-like proteins (SELPs) are a class of bioinspired, genetically engineered block copolymers, composed of silk and elastin repeating units. As base materials for biomedical purposes, SELP nanofibre mats demonstrate potential to be applied as wound dressing materials [1]. The increasing antimicrobial resistance associated with the excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics demands the research for new pathogen-free healthcare polymeric materials with enhanced biological performance. [...]
TypeOral presentation
AccessOpen access
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