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TitleInterwoven migration narratives: identity and social representations in the Lusophone world
Author(s)Abadia, Lília Rolim
Cabecinhas, Rosa
Macedo, Isabel Moreira
Cunha, Luís
Social representations
Portuguese-speaking community
Issue date2018
PublisherTaylor and Francis
CitationAbadia, L., Cabecinhas, R., Macedo, I. & Cunha, L. (2018). Interwoven migration narratives: identity and social representations in the Lusophone world. Identities, 25(3), 339-357. DOI: 10.1080/1070289X.2016.1244062
Abstract(s)This article provides an exploratory analysis of the life narratives of migrants in the Portuguese-speaking world. By interweaving the life experiences of eight participants in three thematic clusters – ‘shared past’, language and sense of community – we propose a critique of the deep-seated idea of the Lusophone space as a community constructed by the harmonious conviviality of different countries and people. Drawing on contributions from cultural studies, social psychology, anthropology and sociology, we first aim to give voice to the human subjects who embark on migrations and then to understand how the engendered process of identity construction is framed by their social world, simultaneously reframing it. Thus, we aim at shedding light on the ways in which aspects of the political discourses on Lusophony are used (and are instrumental) to the migrants’ identity narrative (re)construction.
DescriptionFirst published online: 17 Oct 2016
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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