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TitleIDES-EDU: Comprehensive multidisciplinary education programme to accelerate the implementation of EPBD in Europe
Author(s)Wyckmans, A.
Almeida, Manuela Guedes de
Brunsgaard, C.
Dubois, M. C.
Kabele, K.
Medved, S.
Ritzen, M.
Ghodrat, S.
Skeie, K.
Finocchiaro, L.
Integrated Energy Design
Issue dateOct-2014
CitationWyckmans A., Almeida M. G., Brunsgaard C., Dubois M. C., Kabele K., Medved S., Ritzen M., Ghodrat S., Skeie K., Finocchiaro L. IDES-EDU: Comprehensive multidisciplinary education programme to accelerate the implementation of EPBD in Europe, WSB14 - World Sustainable Building Conference, pp. 271-277, 978-84-697-1815-5, 2014
Abstract(s)This paper presents a new education and training programme on integrated energy design developed by fifteen European universities collaborating within the IDES-EDU project (2010-2013), funded by Intelligent Energy Europe. IDES-EDU aims to accelerate the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) by proposing Master and Post Graduate education and training in multidisciplinary teams. To speed up transition from traditional, sub-optimised building projects with discipline-oriented, segregated budgets and operations, IDES-EDU developed comprehensive, multidisciplinary educational programmes targetting integrated project design at the interface of architecture and engineering. Taking into account local variations in climate, construction and pedagogical approaches, the programme facilitates gradual implementation towards full integration of energy efficiency in building education according to local capacity and legislation. This paper summarises the evaluation process of the first implementation of the educational material in the 15 universities, by academic staff, national industry and professional organisations, and reference students from each university. Included are expected learning outcomes, level of integration in existing curricula and alignment with theory and assessment methods. Measures for improvement as well as further dissemination to other European educational facilities are proposed. In this manner, the project will contribute to make the multiple opportunities for energy efficiency a reality.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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