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TitleCharacterization of functional single jersey knitted fabrics using non-conventional yarns for sportswear
Author(s)Souza, M. Jefferson
Sampaio, Sandra Cristina Fernandes Monteiro
Silva, C. Welter
Lima, G. Sidney de
Zille, Andrea
Fangueiro, Raúl
human sensory and comfort issues
management of systems
product and systems engineering
Issue date2018
PublisherSAGE Publications
JournalTextile Research Journal
CitationSouza JM, Sampaio S, Silva WC, de Lima SG, Zille A*, Fangueiro R (2018) Characterization of functional
single jersey knitted fabrics using non-conventional yarns for sportswear. Textile Research Journal. DOI: 10.1177/0040517516677226.
Abstract(s)Eight functional single jersey plain knitted fabrics have been developed in order to assess a quantitative analysis of various comfort-related properties in terms of thermal control, air and water vapor permeability, wickability, coefficient of kinetic friction and antimicrobial efficiency, using eight different commercially available functional yarns: Polyester Craque and viscose Craque conventional yarns as controls; Finecool and Coolmax polyester yarns for moisture management and quick drying; Holofiber polyester yarns containing an optical responsive material that the producer claims to improve body oxygenation; Airclo polyester hollow yarns for efficient control of body temperature; and, finally, polyester Trevira and viscose Seacell for antimicrobial activity. According to the results, Coolmax for moisture management, Airclo for thermal control and Seacell for antimicrobial activity present the best performances as technical textiles for sportswear for the respective specific functional property.
AccessOpen access
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