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TitleAssessment of lot layout and coverage in business park design
Author(s)Silva, José F.
Mendes, José F. G.
Ramos, Rui A. R.
KeywordsBusiness park design assessment
Lot layout assessment
Street frontage
Lot shape
Industrial building density
Issue dateJun-2016
JournalProcedia Engineering
CitationSilva J. F., Mendes J. F. G., Ramos R. A. R. Assessment of Lot Layout and Coverage in Business Park Design, World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering-Architecture-Urban Planning Symposium 2016, WMCAUS 2016, Vol. 161, pp. 2062-2067, doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2016.08.668, 2016
Abstract(s)The goal of this work is to present a simple tool which can assess the lot layout and coverage of a business park by using three indicators. The indicator street frontage evaluates the suitability of the spatial arrangement of the lot in order to ensure proper access to service vehicles, staff and visitors. The indicator lot shape evaluates the performance of the lot design solutions according to the concept of compactness. The indicator land use intensity intends to evaluate the quality of the site being developed regarding its building density. The assessment tool was applied to a business park located in Portugal, proved to be efficient and the results are discussed.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionPublicado em "Procedia engineering". ISSN 1877-7058. Vol. 161
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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