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TitleIntegrated silicon microspectrometers
Author(s)Kong, S. H.
Correia, J. H.
Bartek, M.
Wolffenbuttel, R. F.
Integrated silicon microspectrometers
Issue dateSep-2001
JournalIEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine
Citation"IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine". ISSN 1094-6969. 4:3 (Sept. 2001) 34-38.
Abstract(s)Microspectrometers, which read color and the results from analytical chemistry, are used for quality inspection in industry and agiculture. They read the chromatography results by measuring the infrared (IR) absorption of the chemical constituent between the IR source and the grating. Micromachining can implement the dispersion and detection elements in a silicon microspectrometer so that it can analyze the spectrum of incident light. The microspectrometer may either operate an array of detectors, each with a uniform spectral response, or scan the dispersion element using a single calibrated detector. Compared to bulky macroscopic devices, this microspectrometer has inferior spectral resolution but its small size and low cost more than compensates for this limitation in many applications.
AccessOpen access
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