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TitleFunctionalised collagen-MnO2 fibres inhibit oxidative-induced apoptosis in degenerated IVD
Author(s)Pereira, Diana Ribeiro
Tapeinos, C.
Oliveira, J. M.
Reis, R. L.
Pandit, A.
Manganese dioxide
Scavenging effect
Issue dateJul-2016
PublisherAO Foundation
CitationPereira D. R., Tapeinos C., Oliveira J. M., Reis R. L., Pandit A. Functionalised collagen-MnO2 fibres inhibit oxidative-induced apoptosis in degenerated IVD, European Cells & Materials, Vol. 31, Issue 1, pp. P50, 14732262, 2016
Abstract(s)Intervertebral disc cell apoptosis has been reported as the major factor responsible in promoting disc degeneration. In this study we hypothesize that collagen fibres with manganese dioxide (MnO2) nanoparticles (NPs) can increase oxygen levels by scavenging ROS species and converting it into byproducts. The specific objective of this study is to fabricate collagen fibres incorporating NPs (Fig. 1), with controlled degradability that are able to scavenge ROS species and generate O2 while inhibiting annulus fibrosus (AF) cell apoptosis under inflamed conditions.
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AccessOpen access
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