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TítuloAvaliação da função visual na criança
Autor(es)Macedo, António Filipe
Palavras-chaveVision assessement
Resumo(s)Ensuring the best vision to children is the ultimate goal of any vision care provider. However, children are a special public that, depending on the age, makes of the visual exam a challenge for the optometrist. In this talk I will cover the topic of how to assess vision in children as young as 4 months until the age of 10 years old. During theses stages of development the level interaction between optometrist and child and the accuracy of the analysis is highly variable. Vision care practitioners need to use imagination, skills and patience to ensure maximum reliability of the test with the minimum stress to the child. Whenever necessary the analysis of fully non-collaborating patients will be also touched. At the end of the talk it is expected that participants will get a better understanding of the process of vision development in young children, the necessary theoretical knowledge of techniques and tests more suitable for each age. It is also part of the aim of this talk to raise attendees’ awareness for testing vision in special populations.
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