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TítuloFeasibility of internally stiffened thin-walled beams for industrial applications
Autor(es)Silva, Hugo Miguel
Meireles, José F.
Palavras-chaveSandwich Hollow-box
Finite Element Method
Stiffness Behaviour
Mechanical Behavior
Resumo(s)Several types of internally reinforced thin-walled beams are subjected to a feasibility evaluation of its mechanical behavior for industrial applications. The adapting of already existing efficient sandwich geometries to hollow-box beams of larger dimensions may reveal promising results. Novel types of sandwich beams under bending and torsion uncoupled loadings are studied in terms of stiffness behavior in static analysis. For the analysis of the solutions, the models are built using the Finite Element Method (FEM) software ANSYS Mechanical APDL. The feasibility of the novel beams was determined by the comparison of the stiffness behavior of the novel hollow-box beams with conventional hollow-box beams. An efficiency parameter was defined in order to determine the feasibility. It is found that the novel geometries represent an excellent improvement under bending loadings, better than under torsion loadings. Nevertheless, for bending and torsion combined loadings, if bending loads are predominant, the beams can still be interesting for some applications, in particular those with mobile parts.
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