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TitleThe internet in young people's everyday life: listening to portuguese teens' voices
Author(s)Pereira, Sara
Editor(s)Eléa, Ilana
Everyday life
Issue dateJun-2015
Abstract(s)[Excerto] Children and young people today go about their lives in an increasingly mediatized fashion. Their daily lives are inhabited by a variety of media, ranging from the so-called new media to the more traditional ones, which have an impact on how they perceive, get to kno,v and represent the world, how they interact with others, how they build their identity, and how they study, have fun and organize their daily lives. The media ecosystem, namely the digit.:tl environments, opened up opportunities to communicate, participate, create and produce information. Apparently, children and young people now have more means and opportunities at their disposal to express and share their ideas, interests and opinions, but are they actually taking advantage of such potential? \'(that uses are they making of these means? Does the Internet, in fact, enable the younger generations to create a new communication culture of expression and participation (...)?
TypeBook part
Publisher version
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