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TítuloIntroducing biomimetic approaches to materials development and product design for engineering students
Autor(es)Cleymand, Franck
Rousseau, Marthe
Mano, J. F.
Materials science
EditoraICE Publishing
RevistaBioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials
CitaçãoCleymand F., Rousseau M., Mano J. F. Introducing biomimetic approaches to materials development and product design for engineering students, Bioinspired Biomimetic And Nanobiomaterials, Vol. 4, pp. 207-212, doi:10.1680/jbibn.15.00004, 2015
Resumo(s)In this paper, we present a new course entitled “Biomimicry: from life to nanotechnological innovations” at the Mines Nancy Engineering School, Nancy, France, and explain how we developed a specific curriculum covering biomimicry. We discuss strategies that can be followed by teachers to explain selected contents in the multi-disciplinary field of biomimicry and/or bioinspiration to undergraduate students and how practical classroom activities can be conducted as individual or team work. We hope that sharing our experience will help teachers and senior researchers disseminate useful concepts and real examples of biomimetic principles and tools for the development of new materials, new/improved design and fabrication strategies, and innovation methodologies.
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