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Title3D representation of the urban evolution of Braga using the cityengine tool
Author(s)Botica, Natália
Martins, Manuela
Ribeiro, Maria do Carmo Franco
Magalhães, Fernanda
KeywordsUrban landscapes
Virtual heritage
Procedural modelling
information system
Issue date2015
Abstract(s)The morphological evolution of the city of Braga has been the subject of several studies focusing on different urban areas in different periods. Using the accumulated knowledge provided by the available archaeological, historical and iconographic data of Braga, from the Roman times to the nineteenth century, we intend to present a working methodology for 3D representation of urban areas and its evolution, using the CityEngine ESRI tool. Different types of graphic and cartographic data will be integrated in an archaeological information system for the characterization of urban buildings. Linking this information system to the rules of characterization of urban spaces through the CityEngine tool, we can create the 3D urban spaces and their changes. The building characterization rules include several parameters of architectural elements that can be dynamically changed according the latest information. This methodology will be applied to the best known areas within of the city allowing the creation of different and dynamic layouts. Considerations about the concepts, challenges and constraints of using the CityEngine tool for recording and representing urban evolution knowledge will be discussed.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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