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TitleDevelopment of a new 3D OpenFOAM® solver to model the cooling stage in profile extrusion
Author(s)Fernandes, C. S.
Habla, F.
Carneiro, O. S.
Hinrichsen, O.
Nóbrega, J. M.
Issue date2016
CitationFernandes, C., Habla, F., Carneiro, O. S., Hinrichsen, O., & Nobrega, J. M. (2016). Development of a New 3D OpenFOAM (R) Solver to Model the Cooling Stage in Profile Extrusion. In B. Rhee (Ed.), Proceedings of Pps-31: The 31st International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society (Vol. 1713).
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] The advantages resulting from the use of numerical modelling tools to support the design of processing equipment are almost consensual. The design of calibration systems in profile extrusion is not an exception . H owever , the complex geome tries and heat exchange phenomena involved in this process require the use of numerical solvers able to model the heat exchange in more than one domain ( calibrator and polymer), the compatibilization of the heat transfer at the profile - calibrator interface and with the ability to deal with complex geometries. The combination of all these features is usually hard to find in commercial software. Moreover , the dimension of the meshes required to ob tain accurate results, result in computational times prohibitive for industrial application. (...)
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