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TitlePortuguese strengths and fragilities on safety and health practices
Author(s)Tender, M.
Gomes, António Topa
Couto, J. Pedro
Issue date2015
CitationTender M., Gomes A. T., Couto J. P. Portuguese Strengths and Fragilities on Safety and Health Practices, WTC 2015 - World Tunnel Congress 2015 – “SEE Tunnel: Promoting Tunneling in SEE Region”, Issue Vol 1, pp. 194-205, 978-953-55728-5-5, 2015
Abstract(s)Despite improvements over the years, accidents continue to be a scourge in the construction sector, leading to an increase in the number of journal articles addressing the issue, in an attempt to help construction industry to increase safety performance [1]. This paper aims to, helping construction industry and particulary tunneling community, describe the Portuguese approach to most typical health and safety problems in underground excavations performed with the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM). The article will address various topics, from safety management and organizational practices, to collective and personal protection equipment, to emergency planning. nt problems in safety and health matters are similar to several other countries, the paper will expose a compilation of Portuguese best practices used to solve that problems. This enunciation of best practices describes experience from most important and recognized Project Owners and Contractors in Portugal. In a second phase it will be analysed Portuguese weaknesses, identifying preventive measures, and their comparative importance, that should be adopted in Portugal in order to reduce accidents and health diseases.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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