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TítuloPlastic waste use as aggregate and binder modifier in open-graded asphalts
Autor(es)Costa, Liliana M. B.
Silva, Hugo Manuel Ribeiro Dias da
Oliveira, Joel
Fernandes, Sara
Freitas, Elisabete F.
Hilliou, L.
Palavras-chaveBinder modification
Open graded asphalts
Plastic waste
EditoraCRC Press
CitaçãoCosta L., Silva H. M. R. D., Oliveira J. R. M., Fernandes S., Freitas E. F., Hilliou L. Plastic waste use as aggregate and binder modifier in open-graded asphalts, 3rd Int Conference on Wastes: Solutions, treatments and opportunities, 978-1-138-02882-1, 2015
Resumo(s)Road pavements are very important infrastructures for the Society, but they can cause serious environmental impacts during construction, operation and rehabilitation phases. Thus, it is essential to develop surface paving solutions that promote not only the durability but also a comfortable and safe use. In fact, this work aims to study the properties of new opengraded mixtures for surface layers produced with plastic wastes. First, HDPE and EVA wastes were used as bitumen modifiers, and then another plastic waste (PEX) replaced part of the aggregates. After studying the modified binders, the open-graded mixtures were designed, and then they were tested concerning their particle loss, rutting resistance, surface texture and damping effect. It was concluded that both ways of using the plastic wastes can improve the mechanical and functional properties of the open-graded mixtures related to the pavement performance.
Versão da editorahttp://www.crcnetbase.com/doi/abs/10.1201/b18853-13
Arbitragem científicayes
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